Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Persuasive writing

A couple of weeks ago in Te Ngahere we were learning to

use a persuasive structure correctly. I think that I needed to work on my punctuation. Also I think I did well on my question marks. The writing piece that we wrote about are  either ’Should plastic bags  be allowed in supermarkets?’ or ‘Should we start Reducing, Reusing and Recycling?’

What do you think? Should we reduce, reuse and recycle or should we pollute the earth? Your choice. . . I think we should start recycling because if we don't
it can cause less natural resources, pollution and many more. But if we do start reducing, reusing and recycling we  will be a happier and cleaner country than we already are.  

If we start reduce, reusing and recycling then our sea creatures won't die from plastic bags, aluminum cans etc. There  are  nearly of 300 albatrosses that die every year from the pollution. There are  also over 1,000,000 turtles that die due to plastic. When people start polluting, the fish eat the rubbish, then when you go fishing you catch the fish, then you eat the fish then you could get really sick. Around the world all 1,000,000 birds that are on the beach die from plastic.

Did you know that when you pollute, tourist’s won't come to the country?  
Then that means we will lose money for our economy. When tourists come to
our country we get a lot of money. We got approximately 745 thousand dollars for  tourists. Would you really want to lose that money???

Think about it, would you like to start reduce, reusing and recycling??
Or would you like to just let the sea creatures die, tourists not coming to our country. I know for sure I would go for the first option.  

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