Monday, February 20, 2017

My Summer

Remember. . .
On the hot beaming  Waitangi day
With my friends
Going on all the outrageous rides for free?  
Having a nice cold refreshing slushy,
While my dad was selling car parks to make Some money.
Staring with  amazement at how many cars he parked on the lawn.
That was summer.

I was learning to notice and write a descriptive piece of writing of what I did in the holidays. For my first line I had to write what I was doing in a descriptive way, Then I had to describe something that was happening, after that I had to write  Something I did in  an interesting way, Next I had to write why I did it. Then I had to figure the rest of the structure out.  I think I did well by being descriptive and using interesting words. I think I could improve on my similes.   

1 comment:

  1. Hola amigo. My name is Dylan from Totara 2. I really like your "remember" post. I REMEMBER when we did something like this last year.It was really fun. Adios amigo.